Our clinics offer free services to women and men facing unexpected pregnancies who are at risk for abortion.

Mobile Clinic

The Choices Mobile Medical Unit is equipped to help women facing pregnancy decisions with excellent care, compassionate support and honest information.

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Pregnancy Tests

Medical grade pregnancy tests.

Limited Ultrasounds

Windows into the womb that confirm pregnancy viability.

STI Testing

STI information and testing


Our clinics provide information about all the options available for patients—abortion, adoption, and parenting—and what each one involves. They will understand the process, potential risks, and possible outcomes for each option.

The patients we serve are all at risk for abortion.  Our responsibility is to inform and educate each patient with the following:

Abortion Facts– procedures, emotional, mental, spiritual, & physical risks and fetal development. We do not provide or refer for abortion, we do however provide accurate information to help women and men make an informed decision.

We rejoice with every patient who chooses life, and we offer a variety of parenting services and programs to help prepare for raising a child while balancing other life responsibilities.

Some patients discover that an adoption plan is the best decision to make for their baby and for themselves. Most choose the adoptive parents and remain an active part in the baby's life. These women experience much personal growth and strength as a result of making this courageous choice.


Our clinics also assist patients with physician referrals, insurance providers, Medicaid, and other community resources.

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