“Brayan and I arrived at CHOICES one Friday morning very scared and feeling so ashamed. Our lives were just starting, we hadn’t even finished school yet, we were only 17. We had our minds set on abortion but my mother convinced us to come to Choices before we made our final decision. Upon arriving it instantly felt like they already seen a shining star in my belly. They greeted us so kindly and warmly. They still treated us like humans after we told them we wanted an abortion. They talked to us about the truths of abortion that no one ever tells a young girl about, they told us about other options we could take , and they never made me once feel like my feelings didn’t matter. I remember this day and our counselor Dennett as if it was yesterday. She had so many words of encouragement and hope for us that we would be okay. They offered an ultrasound after seeing my positive test and the lady in that room was so loving, kind, & gentle. She was actually able to show me my baby heart beating and that’s when i knew, this baby wasn’t going anywhere. After all the knowledge they poured into me and the ultrasound, how could i do that to my baby? Choices made me see that God gave me this baby for a reason, she’s a miracle.

I left Choices that day feeling so loved, warm, confident, and relived. 
Choices held my hand from 9 weeks pregnant when i walked into their doors all the way up till my baby turned one and still till this day encourage and love me and my family. I was there every week soaking in all the knowledge and love they could give me. They provided me with almost everything i needed for Isabella while she was an infant. They made me the mom I am today. Choices really saved me, my daughters father, our relationship, and most importantly the biggest blessing in our life’s, Isabella. I wouldn’t be the same person today if I didn’t walk into choices that Friday morning. Brayan and I are now married for 4 years August 22nd. Isabella will be 4 in December. Our family has everything to thank choices for. They are truly our God Send.”

- Shelby



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