"I never felt pushed or guided. I just felt very informed. Which is the only thing a girl in my situation could have asked for."


"She gave the best emotional support and was trustworthy. From the moment I talked to Lauren on the phone I felt confident on coming to this place. It was at the scariest moment in my life and when walking in and Lauren welcoming me I felt secure. She gave me what I was looking for, answers, love and support."


"If you're looking for a safe place to get help and information this is the place to go."


“Choices was there for me when no one else was. Hope and help, that’s what this center means to me."

“I felt comfortable to ask my questions. No judgement.”

“The staff was very open, thoughtful, and kind throughout everything. Made me feel very comfortable and unjudged.”

“The situation is extremely stressful and scary. The main thing is support. You have to have support. If you don’t have that within your personal life, you can definitely find it here."


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